Information for Stallholders

Please find below information for stallholders of practical arrangements for the Silchester Village Market in the Village Hall, Silchester.
The information covers areas such as parking, refreshments and waste disposal, and important E,H&S information.
Please take a few minutes to read this before you travel to our Market.
With respect to other stallholders we try hard to ensure that stallholders are not in competition with each other on the day, unless by mutual agreement. Accordingly, if you do bring along items for sale that have not been agreed beforehand you may be asked to remove items for sale.

Information for Stallholders - Great Little Bakery

“Every stall holder I spoke to seemed really enthusiastic, which was nice.”
  • Fees – We ask stall holders to pay 10% of sales, minimum fee £5; maximum fee £25, to be passed over in cash at the end of the Market.
  • Timings – The Market will run from 10.00 am – 12.30pm.
  • Parking – The Village Hall will be open from 9.00am on Saturday morning. The car park is just outside the Hall and is used for outdoor stalls, we ask that you only use it to offload before the market. Please then move your vehicle to either in front of the Calleva Arms public house which is a public road, not private land, or the Pavilion car park just a short walk away. You can then return to the Hall car park to load up again after the market has closed.
  • Tables indoors – When you arrive at the market, unless you wish to bring your own, a table will be available for you . Chairs are available if you would like one. Please ask and we will point you in the right direction. We would be very grateful if, after the market, you would kindly take the time to fold up your table and replace it at the back of the hall.
  • Space outdoors –  If you are allocated space outdoors, we would expect you to bring your own gazebo, maximum 3m square and your own table.
  • Refreshments – An early morning “cuppa” will be provided. Thereafter, teas, coffees and soft drinks, bacon or sausage sandwiches and cakes are on sale from the Market Café in the Main Hall. If you cannot leave your table, then please let us know at the start of the morning if you would like tea / coffee / cake and we will arrange for it to be brought to you at (approximately) the time you request. Please make your payment to the person bringing your order.
  • Fire safety – When you arrive in the Main Hall or Club Room, please familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits, which are the main front door; the door to the right of the stage; or the door out of the Club room (to the side of the hall). Should the fire alarm be set off, please leave the Hall immediately by the nearest exit. It won’t be a test!
  • Environmental, Health and Safety – The Hall has public liability insurance for the premises only. Each stallholder is responsible for ensuring that any products they sell comply with relevant E,H&S requirements, and they have insurance appropriate to their business. If you are selling food, please ensure the buyer is made aware of any recommended ‘use by’ dates or special storage requirements.
  • Waste disposal – We would be very grateful if you could take your own waste away with you for disposal.
  • Additional requirements – If you have any special requirements e.g. access to power source etc. please ensure you let me know in good time.
  • Labelling – The labelling of your products should comply with the appropriate regulations.

Our aim is constant improvement so we welcome your feedback and value your suggestions. If you have time at the end of the Market and would like to give us your feedback whilst it is fresh in your mind then please let us know. Otherwise do send an e-mail.
Whether you are a regular or occasional stallholder, you are very important to us, and we want to build successful, lasting partnerships with all our stallholders.
We look forward to welcoming you at the Market and hope you have a really successful and enjoyable morning.