Suzi and Jane Catering provide the refreshments for the Market Café

Suzi And Jane

Silchester Market CafeSuzi and Jane take on the Market Café

After seven years of volunteering, I would like to thank all those members of the Market Café team, past and present, who have turned up to provide cups of tea and bacon sandwiches month in, month out to our customers and stallholders. Before the Village Hall refurbishment this brave and merry band used to have to cook in the “corridor” that used to be the kitchen, which were very difficult conditions, and they deserve a medal for that alone! The volunteers were usually the first in and last out at the Market helping set up tables and cleaning and clearing up at the end, invaluable to the organisation of the Market.

From May, we are going to be having a change about at the Market Café as I am pleased to tell you that Suzi and Jane Catering will take on the mantle of serving refreshments.

Suzi and Jane, as you may well know, already provide a welcoming meeting place at the Pop Up Café in the Pavilion each Friday and I am looking forward to them weaving the same magic at the Market Café each month. Suzi tells me we can expect some new food items and Jane promises to continue to supply the Market with their delicious cakes as well.

As ever we hope you have time enough to take a seat at the Market Café and enjoy a chat and meet up with your friends, family and neighbours. The Market Café is an integral part of our monthly market. We hope you’ll like the changes.

Paula Gibbons

Market Organiser



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